Gør Google os dummere?

Forestil dig et liv uden din Googlebar?
Nej - det er ikke en rar tanke, vel. Men her er en blogger der påstår, at vi bliver meget dummere af at bruge Google:
Let’s face it: we’re not exactly becoming brighter by using Google. .... we’re getting stupider, at least with certain types of tasks. ....It will be interesting to see how this - if it keeps up, and my bet is that it will - will affect our ability to think in the future.
Der er 88 kommentarer så diskussionen har været heftig fx:
"A search engine is useless if you don’t know WHAT to search for" God pointe!
Fra en 60-årig bruger: "..And having spent countless hours in real libraries searching through real newspapers, real magazines and real books, I can state categorically that the web and its search engines make you smarter faster. Google lets me find information from more different starting points. It sends me off on more interesting side journeys, where the real gems often lie. It also throws up more chaff and misdirection, but hey, that’s research"
Men læs selv:
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