Fra artikel i "The Guardian" om brug af biblioteket: How to ... use a library:

Om Biblioteker
Libraries were the original internet. All knowledge was available even in a local branch library. You could order a book and, if they didn't have it, they'd get it from a library in Yorkshire that did.

Om Magna Print:
"In most libraries, there is a section of large-print books. The print is so large, in fact, that most of the text has to be removed. For example, in 100 Years Of Solitude, you'll be lucky to get 40 Years Of Moderate Loneliness. What makes this even more of a swizz is that they only tell you about this in the small print"

The Guardian har også en weblog, hvor jeg fandt henvisningen: "BushBlog - The US president has his own weblog now. God help us"

How to... use a library
Guardian Unlimited- The Weblog

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