When a Search Engine Isn't Enough, Call a Librarian
Artikel i NY times der hylder alle de bibliotekariske kompetencer, som bruges ved kvalificeret informationssøgning. Godt at budskabet udbredes - det er der meget brug for.
"Maybe they could have found the answer faster on Google, but who knows if it would be right?"
"When Google doesn't work, most people don't have a plan B - Librarians have lots of plan B's. We know when to go to a book, when to call someone, even when to go to Google."
"People forget that there's no filter on the Web"
"If I type a single word, like architecture. into Google, it's going to give me a mess," .... "I don't need information at that stage - I just need help defining my search."
Læs artiklen (gratis registrering hos NYtimes)

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