Amerikanske biblioteker har for tiden mange bekymringer:
Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) - USA PATRIOT Act, og den nye RFID teknologi, der kan have konsekvenser for de personlige oplysninger, der lægges ind ved lån. De kan blive for let tilgængelige for tredjepart, hvis man ikke adskiller personlige oplysninger og data om materialet.
En helt ny bekymring tages under behandling i denne artikel i Library Journal, hvor den tiltagende automatisering minimerer den personlige kontakt mellem lånere og bibliotekspersonale.
"It separates libraries from other agencies and institutions of life in modern society: city hall, the motor vehicle department, the supermarket, and even the doctor's office and the pharmacy. It is the guarantee that when patrons use a library, they will be afforded human interaction with people who are smiling, like their jobs, and know they are there to help. It takes a trained, educated human to make certain the patron's encounter with the library is as rich as possible.."
Læs artiklen i Library Journal

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