Fremtidens biblioteker

CNN har fået øje på udviklingen i bibliotekerne - og skriver i artiklen både om Århus! og Charlotte-Mecklenburg ( der startede 23 tingbølgen) :
"The stereotypical library is dying -- and it's taking its shushing ladies, dank smell and endless shelves of books with it."

Om bogdebatten:
"Meanwhile, many real-world libraries are moving forward with the assumption that physical books will play a much-diminished or potentially nonexistent role in their efforts to educate the public.
Some books will still be around, they say, although many of those will be digital. But the goal of the library remains the same:
To be a free place where people can access and share information.
"The library building isn't a warehouse for books," said Helene Blowers, digital strategy director at the Columbus [Ohio] Metropolitan Library. "It's a community gathering center."

Vi er ikke forvænt med omtale af denne kaliber af biblioteksvæsenet - så læs artiklen.

Fundet via Librarian in Black, der anbefaler den: "It’s so rare there’s a mass media article about libraries that doesn’t make me cringe"

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